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We’re Selling Our Entire Inventory

Wales Station Nursery is selling out its entire inventory at dramatically low prices. We invite contractors, the public, landscapers, garden center owners and anyone else to come by or call about individual purchases or bulk buying. Here's the list of all plant...

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How to Create a Rain Garden

A Rain Garden is a landscape depression that can be filled with moisture-loving plants. Hidden beneath the pretty plants is a natural storm water treatment system that allows 30% more water to infiltrate into the ground. This reduces the amount...

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How Deep is Your Mulch?

Too much or too little mulch is one of the bigger mistakes we see in landscaping. Mulch depth is determined by the type of material used and the areas you are covering. Generally, mulch will shift or settle, reducing its depth by about 1 inch. The general rule is to use as much as 6 inches if you are using a porous straw mulch and 3-4 inches if you are using wood chips.

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The Truth About Mulch

Mulch is a routine investment for any landscaping project, but all mulch is not equal and the wrong mulch can bring pests, fungus and other problems. At Big Creek Landscaping and Wales Station Nursery we want you to know what questions to ask before you buy.

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Landscaping and Property Values

While it may be hard to quantify, landscaping plays a significant part in Commercial and Residential property values when it comes time to sell. Big Creek Landscaping and Wales Station Nursery have tips to help you get your property ready to catch someone’s eye.

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Special Event Landscaping

Special Event Landscaping is a specialty service at Big Creek Landscaping and Wales Station Nursery. You may be planning for a single event, but the landscaping investment can last for years when you plan with us.

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Home Services from Big Creek Landscaping

Whether it is a temporary need or a permanent fix, there are times when homeowners just need to hang up the lawnmower keys and the gardening gloves. While anyone with a lawnmower can help homeowners out with regular mowing during the high growing season, Big Creek...

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Landscaping Is Important Year-Round

Landscaping is a year round operation at Big Creek Landscaping. Far beyond mowing, we work to protect your landscape investment with irrigation management, pruning, trimming, mulching, weed and pest control and plant replacement when needed.

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