Wales Station Nursery is selling out its entire inventory at dramatically low prices. We invite contractors, the public, landscapers, garden center owners and anyone else to come by or call about individual purchases or bulk buying.
Here’s the list of all plant inventory remaining.
Knock Out Roses:  over 200
Needle Point Holly: over 200
Nellie R. Steven Holly:  3gal/5galOak Leaf Holly: 3gal/5gal

Blue Berry Bushes: 3gal/5gal

Burning Bushes: 5gal/7gal

Youpon Holly: 3gal

Mary Nell Holly: 3gal/7gal

Princess Spirea: 3gal

Hosta: 1gal/3gal

Hydrangea: 3gal

Azaleas: 3gal

Needle Point Holly: 3gal/5gal

Emerald Green Arborvitaes: 3gal/5gal

Burford Holly Trees: 7gal

Crapemyrtle Trees: 3gal-10gal

Trees of all sorts: 3gal-25gal

Lots of other miscellaneous items.

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