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Every healthy landscaping project starts with understanding a lot about the environment. In Tennessee we are lucky to have relatively mild winters with our cold season both short and not as cold as other parts of North America. The USDA lists Tennessee as a region 7A planting zone. When purchasing plants at Wales Station Nursery you can be assured that those are the plants we keep in stock at the nursery. IF you are looking elsewhere, make sure that what you are purchasing is rated for our region.

There is also a movement to plant shrubs, trees and grasses that belong in Tennessee. The movement to plant indigenous species of plants is to keep the region’s overall ecosystem healthy. While exotic plants can add an unusual beauty, they are often not suited to the weather and soil conditions in our area and may not survive or in some cases, if not carefully managed, may become an invasive threat to the area.

The other environmental issue we hope you will learn more about is the risk to our water system from non-point source pollutants. The most common source of these water contaminants comes from landscaping pesticides that wash off the land during rainstorms and end up in our streams and rivers. The second is erosion of land that is not carefully maintained. During even mild rainstorms, land along the edges of natural stream banks and rivers will experience some erosion. Not only are you at risk for literally losing acreage over time, but your eroded soil will change the depth of the creek or stream eventually leading to risks for flooding. Ultimately, this is the water we all share for drinking, bathing and recreation. Landscaping projects need to pay special attention to the pest control systems they employ to keep our water safe. Making sure that you leave creeks and streams protected is an area that Wales Station Nursery can help you with as you plan your projects.

At Wales Station Nursery and Big Creek Landscaping believe that the more you know, the more successful your landscape investment will be.

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