Welcome to Wales Station Nursery

Wales Station Nursery has a proud tradition of meeting the needs for Commercial and Residential landscaping in the Southern Middle Tennessee and Northern Alabama area. Contractors, Developers and Landscapers have depended on Wales Station Nursery for their reliable and affordable inventory of beautiful and healthy plantings for new and renovated landscaping needs.

One call to our team at Wales Station Nursery can confirm that your plant quantities are in stock and will be waiting for you to pick them up. Our team will actually walk the Wales Station Nursery to give you an exact count of the plants in stock so you will know exactly how many plants are waiting for you before you arrive.

We sell topsoil at $28 per cubic yard. Pine bark mulch and black hardwood mulch are $28 per cubic yard plus tax.

We’ve included are resources on this website to help you with ideas about what your residential or commercial project might include. We can help guide you about plantings that will work for the spaces for which you are designing. Our team understands that landscape is a big investment. Be sure to let us know if you would like a consult with our sister business Big Creek Landscaping to help you design, install and even maintain the landscape investment to keep the plantings pruned, trimmed, mowed, mulched and replaced over time and seasons.

An extensive selection of annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees waiting for you at the Wales Station Nursery can transform your Home or Business property into a showplace year round.

We are always happy to provide a free estimate for your landscape needs. Give us a call!

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