Whether it is a temporary need or a permanent fix, there are times when homeowners just need to hang up the lawnmower keys and the gardening gloves. While anyone with a lawnmower can help homeowners out with regular mowing during the high growing season, Big Creek Landscaping provides maintenance year round.

There are plenty of people who love to spend free time creating and maintaining their outside living space. But we also know that there are times when it makes more sense to turn that responsibility over to a team of professionals. Big Creek Landscaping works with homeowners to ensure that lawns stay mowed during the growing season, leaves and yard debris are removed, shrubs and trees stay trimmed and pruned and that beds stay mulched with the right type, depth and color of mulch. As a professional landscaping company we will work with you to plan and maintain the property’s value with ongoing planting, pruning, irrigation installation (as needed) and maintenance.

Sometimes our clients have busy work and family schedules that leave no time for yard work and there are others who insist they have no green thumbs, but love a beautiful yard. There are clients who have been ill or have had injuries that prevent them from keeping up with the needs of the yard and others who are sending help to mom and dad who just do not need to be on yard duty anymore. And sometimes, our clients are away for an extended period and need people they can trust to make sure the yard stays mowed and fresh.

There are other times when what you need done requires equipment. Trees that have limbs touching the house can be termite or squirrel bridges to your home’s structure or attic area in addition to posing a risk during storms. Big Creek Landscaping can help keep trees at a safe distance and prune at times when it is safest for the tree’s health.

Big Creek Landscaping is ready to take the tasks of landscaping and lawn care off your “to-do” list. As a landscaping company we can help with regular mowing and leaf and debris removal, but we are also prepared to install seasonal flower beds around your home and to keep areas well mulched with the right color and right materials to enhance the beauty of your property.

You can put your feet up on your porch, take a deep breath and enjoy your yard. Just call us to schedule an appointment for a free estimate.

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